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CKE and Associates

CKE and Associates

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CKE and Associates

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CKE and Associates

24800 Chrisanta Dr., suite 250
Mission Viejo, CA 92691


Primary Market or Service Area (County and State:

Los Angeles County, California

Orange County, California


Phone: 888-798-4915


Web Site: Button Button


Description of Services

CKE provides consultative sales representation of leading business telephone systems from ShoreTel IP Office Phone Systems and Toshiba Business Telephone Systems.


Toshiba telecommunications products deliver award winning technology, unbeatable quality, and economic value for businesses, national retail locations and government.


ShoreTel telephone systems are very advanced, but equally important, they are very easy to use office phones. ShoreTel's flexibility allows the office phone system to be tailored to the way a business works and upgraded and enhanced, as business needs change. There are several members of the ShoreTel Office Phone System family from the compact small business systems to enterprise IP telephone system capable of up to 10,000 extensions.


Ensuring we can tailor a ShoreTel Phone System to your needs. There are 10 ShoreTel system phones in the range which can be easily programmed to suit individual needs. By connecting a ShoreTel voice processing system, the ShoreTel phone system can be programmed to answer calls, take messages and pass messages on – accurately, professionally, 24 hours a day.