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Packaging and Shipping Supplies

Packaging and Shipping Supplies

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Packaging and Shipping Supplies

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INFO-CHIP COMMUNICATIONS is North America's leading provider of telephone on-hold marketing services and systems. Our 100% digital system of production and playback ensures CD quality production throughout. No moving parts. No maintenance. Just plug in...and play! Established in 1993, Info-Chip is proud to be considered one of North America's most prestigious and customer-centric production companies, with our emphasis on providing telephone on-hold services to businesses and organizations everywhere! Our service is now being utilized by thousands of businesses across the globe. Our sales force, creative copywriters, voice talents and production engineers work together to ensure a quality product and quick professional service.

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UPAK is an industry leading supplier in the North American protective packaging market. We offer a full product line-up of poly bubble, foam, mailers, insulation and a variety of packaging products and accessories for your packaging needs, including our innovative UPAK BUBBLE pillow and Poly Mailer products. We take great pride in all our products and challenge anyone to compete with our high quality and low prices.

Our commitment to providing unique products and complete systems has allowed us to push the envelope on protective packaging products. We offer more than products. UPAK goes beyond customer expectations to provide complete solutions that satisfy all of their clients' growing business needs.


We are dedicated to giving our customers the best and the most affordable products that are available today because we know how important that is in our lives. You can always count on us no matter how big or small your business is. You will always be satisfied because we are here to help you with your shipping needs. Altogether, we are CONFIDENT that we provide the best VALUE around and we are sure you will agree! You will be pleased with our products and service. We guarantee it!